Neighborhoods First


It has been an honor to represent District One voters for the past 3+ years and it is a responsibility I take very seriously. District One is a unique part of our Town that is home to beautiful beachside
communities, historic buildings and landmarks, and a rich cultural
history that helps to define Fairfield as one of the most desirable
communities to live in across Fairfield County.

In December 2011, I was elected Chairman of the RTM’s Public Health and Safety (PH&S) committee. A few weeks thereafter, I sponsored a “neighborhood watch” kickoff meeting for the Hulls Highway-Mill Hill area of District One at Southport Trinity Church alongside the Fairfield Police Department and fellow District One Reps. Over 80 concerned members from the area attended the meeting and our “virtual” neighborhood watch program is well underway.

Since being voted Chairman of PH&S, I have organized five special committee meetings (in addition to the regularly scheduled monthly committee meeting), including detailed tours of the
Police and Fire Departments, a full RTM tour of the Police Department, a special meeting to review the Town’s Emergency Operations Plan with the Police, Fire and Health Department just a few weeks leading up Super Storm Sandy, and more recently, on Saturday, August 18th, a tour of the Fairfield Police Department’s Marine Unit.

The purpose of these special committee meetings is to
develop detailed knowledge of the Town’s health and safety
infrastructure among PH&S committee members so they are better
informed for budget hearings, are able to act as liaisons with the Town’s public safety departments on behalf of constituents,
and are a resource for other RTM members on the
issue of public health and safety.

I believe the work done on the individual RTM committees is very
important to our Town and our legislative body’s well being.
In encourage you to explore my website to learn more about the work I have accomplished in District One and Town wide. At its core,
my philosophy strives to put neighborhoods first by supporting projects and a legislative approach that PROTECTS, PRESERVES and INVESTS in Fairfield through hyper local attention and a more
disciplined and smarter-spending approach.