About MDH

Michael D. Herley is a Fairfield RTM Representative for District One proudly serving friends and neighbors in Southport, parts of Mill Hill, Southport Woods, Sasco Hill, Old Dam, Pine Creek, Oldfield, Veres Park, and Reef Road (West), among other neighborhoods. He has been the Chairman of the RTM’s Public Health and Safety (PH&S) Committee since December 2011. Rep. Herley previously served as the Secretary for the PH&S Committee. Rep. Herley is also an elected member of the Fairfield Republican Town Committee for District One.

Rep. Herley is a member and supporter of the Southport Conservancy and the Pequot Library, as well as a supporter of the Southport Fire Department. He is a former board member at Trinity Parish Nursery School in Southport, as well as the former Southport Representative and Vice Chairman of the Parking Authority of Fairfield. While on the Parking Authority, he worked closely on the rebuild of Historic Southport train station following the devastating fire in January 2008.

He is a member of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Fairfield and the Gaelic American Club of Fairfield. Rep. Herley has lived in Southport for 10+ years.

Rep. Herley holds an MBA in Corporate Finance from St. John’s University; an Advanced Certificate in Business Administration (management specialization) from the University of Connecticut; and an MS in Mathematics from Fairfield University.

Michael D. Herley