Trash-Recycling Container Returned to Southport Train Station
August 28, 2013

After many months and several letters to Metro North and the Parking Authority of Fairfield, the third trash-recycling bin has been returned to the Southport train station on the NY-bound platform. Hopefully it will help to mitigate the trash issue. Thanks to everyone who spoke up.

The trash on the tracks is scheduled to be picked up “soon” too.

Michael D. Herley
RTM District One
Former Vice Chairman Parking Authority of Fairfield

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Missing Trash Receptacle Creates Litter at Southport Station
August 22, 2013

About two years ago, the Metro North Railroad, in its infinite wisdom, removed the trash receptacle located on the northern end of the New York-bound platform at the Southport train station and relocated it to the Town Center train station. And while I recognize that the Town Center station serves many more commuters than the Southport station, Metro North Railroad has a responsibility to ensure all of its stations have a sufficient number of trash receptacles for customers.

Trash Can

The missing trash receptacle at the Southport station has led to a sharp increase in the amount of litter on the train platform, as well as on the tracks. As a daily Southport commuter and an RTM Rep. from District One, I have worked in concert with the Parking Authority of Fairfield to request that Metro North replace the missing trash receptacle and that it perform the necessary cleanups to the platform and tracks as needed.

In Metro North’s defense, they usually do send a crew out to clean up the platform and tracks pretty quickly when notified, but it ties up resources and wastes money. This situation could be improved by Metro North simply investing in a third trash receptacle on the New York-bound platform of the Southport train station and by the railroad starting a publicity campaign that reminds customers to use the trash receptacles located on the platform for their convenience.

In my experience, the Parking Authority does a good job keeping the Southport commuter parking lots and station house clean, but it is prohibited from picking up litter on the platform, tracks or installing additional trash receptacles on the platform.

In the end, just like the removal of graffiti, additional trash receptacles in public places can do much to mitigate blight. Let’s hope Metro North gets the message and invests in some additional trash receptacles for Southport commuters.

Michael D. Herley
RTM District One
Former Vice Chairman, Parking Authority of Fairfield