Fairfield Pastor Thanks RTM Member

“Michael Herley’s commitment to his constituency is the kind of diligence and accountability that we need in Fairfield town government. Through his involvement in the Trinity Parish Nursery School, he became aware of the various, real safety concerns along what is now a very busy Center Street in Southport. Carefully and responsibly, he met with the residents and worked with institutions in the area to raise the issues before the public, the police and the town selectmen.”

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District One’s Herley Serves Constituents 

Southport Resident 

“Michael Herley is an excellent RTM rep for District 1 in Southport.  In any outstanding town there exists the need for residents who take the initiative to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities that will enhance the entire community’s experience.  Michael is one of those people who steps up to that need.  My family and I have always been impressed with Michael’s dedication and commitment to being an enthusiastic advocate and faithful servant to our district…

”Michael in on target with his approach of fiscal responsibility and he is intently focused on working across party lines to find collaborative and sensible solutions to the important issues we all face…”

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RTM Rep. Herley Keeps Children’s Safety a Priority

Southport Resident

“A few weeks ago, my husband and I reached out to a number of local officials regarding a children’s safety issue in Southport near the Mill Hill School.  Within minutes of our e-mail being sent, RTM Rep. Michael Herley responded and asked if he could reach out to the Fairfield Police Department on our behalf.  A few hours later, he informed us he had spoken with Police Chief Gary MacNamara and that the Fairfield Police Department was interested in hosting a community forum at the Mill Hill School…

“Call it leadership, call it caring or call it getting the job done.  We simply call Michael Herley the type of person we want representing Southport and Mill Hill on the Fairfield RTM…”

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